O, Los Siento Episode 59

Written by on March 28, 2019

Tune in to listen to a great studio session by Avi Rivera on the latest episode of O, Lo Siento. “Show #59 is pretty special because of the studio session with Avi Rivera.  I was his fifth grade teacher 20 years ago at Hamasaki Elementary, in fact I think he was in the first class I ever taught. We reconnected at Eastside Rehearsal (I’m a partner there) when he was rehearsing there and we’ve stayed in touch.  He played at our place during Ciclavia and then I asked him to come on the show and do a few songs.  He played all of the instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, bass and handled the vocals as well.  It was really fun to work with him and a nice moment to share, now that he is an adult pursuing his goals. Other bands that have done studio sessions are Aztlan Underground, Thee Commons, now Tropa Magica, Los Fauna, Doctors and Engineers, Edith Crash, The Mormons, Vinny Golia, and a bunch more.  I’m always looking for bands to get in there so people can email me at tastudio55@aol.com if they have a band they think might be worth looking into for a session.” Eddie Rivas. Listen to the episode here.

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